Entrants’ Code of Ethics

The ‘Entrants’ Code of Ethics’ is set out to define the standards required of an Cyber OSPAs participant. This is in order to maintain the values of integrity and impartiality within the awards scheme. Before submitting an entry to the awards the conditions of entry must be read and accepted.

Conditions of entry

  • Entries must be submitted through the official form on the website, by email, or through procedures set down by an official Cyber OSPAs partnership organization.
  • Entrants must complete the entry form to the best of their ability and must use accurate and honest information. If any information is found to be inaccurate the entrant will be disqualified.
  • No alterations may be made to nominations which have been submitted
  • A company or individual can enter more than one award category, providing all the requirements are met. The evidence presented in each award category needs to show outstanding performance in that category.
  • Any attempt to gain unfair advantage at any point during the process will result in immediate disqualification.
  • The Cyber OSPAs judging panel are responsible for awarding the winners of each category. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The decision of the judges must be respected and by entering the Cyber OSPAs entrants accept this condition.
  • All entries to the 2023 Cyber OSPAs must be received before the deadline. Entries received after this time may be disqualified.
  • No judge will be permitted to enter as an individual in any category
  • No external links or attachments are permitted in your entry
  • Please note that we do not anonymise the entries. Our experience has led us to let the judges see the entry in full so that they can help ensure that no OSPA is awarded to anyone disreputable. That stated, please be assured that judges will mark the entry based only on the information that has been provided. By limiting the entry to short text based answers the Cyber OSPAs aims to create a level playing field where small and large companies can compete fairly. Moreover, we have found that long answers are not necessarily good ones and being required to think about and focus on the information most relevant to the judges can be helpful; it is quality not quantity that we value. 

Obligations to the Cyber OSPAs

Entrants accept that by entering the Cyber OSPAs their entry is subject to scrutiny by the Cyber OSPAs team and the judging panel.

  • Entrants must be prepared to submit additional evidence or provide reasonable support for any relevant points raised or answers to any queries that may arise.
  • All entrants must accept that all those shortlisted for an Cyber OSPA will be published and company or individual details may be used in pre-event and post-event publications to recognise the awards.
  • All those shortlisted are expected to attend the awards ceremony, or send a representative on their behalf who can receive the OSPA if they become a winner on the day.
  • The Cyber OSPAs reserves the right to use all or part of the material entered in the competition for promotion of the awards. Under no circumstances shall the organisers be held responsible for the payment of royalties or other charges for the use of materials provided in support of the awards.
  • All entries become the Property of the Cyber OSPAs on submission. No entries will be returned.
  • Entrants accept that the Cyber OSPAs team reserves the right to not award a category if circumstances deem that necessary.