The aim of the Cyber OSPAs is to be transparent and credible. In a commitment to this aim, the Cyber OSPAs have set out key ethical guidelines to ensure best practice. The Cyber OSPAs will:

  • Publish all the conditions required for entry
  • Publish a Judges’ Code of Ethics and require all judges to adhere to the policy during the judging process
  • Make the process for selecting the judging panel publicly available and provide routes for public feedback concerning the suitability of judges for inclusion on the Cyber OSPAs panel
  • Publish the criteria the Judges use for assessing the awards
  • Have a policy which clarifies the role of sponsors

The Judging process

Each judge is a cyber security expert with experience and knowledge of working in the cyber security sector. Judges are sought by nominations from partner organisations. The judges’ mark all entries against the criteria set out in the category requirements (viewable on the ‘Enter’ pages) and the highest scoring entry following the judging will be the winner. Entries are assigned to avoid any conflict of interest. All judges follow a strict code of conduct which can be found below.

Judging Panel Selection Policy

The Cyber OSPAs seeks to represent best practice in security performance and as such is committed to recruiting the best possible panel to review the entries entry and decide upon category winners. As such, the criteria for the judging panel has been set out. The panel must include individuals:

  • with experience, knowledge and expertise in business and cyber security
  • who are familiar with the country’s security culture
  • who have undertaken different roles in different aspects of business and cyber security
  • who have a proven business knowledge and have been successful
  • who adhere to the Judges’ Code of Ethics

Judges’ Code of Ethics

The Judges Code of Ethics is set out to define the standards required of a Cyber OSPAs judge. This is in order to maintain the core values of integrity and impartiality. There is an obligation on all parties to observe the highest standards of integrity and all judges and officials who act on behalf of the Cyber OSPAs must accept the importance of establishing and maintaining appropriate ethical behaviour. By becoming a judge that person has agreed to the Code of Ethics.

Judicial Independence – Judges must uphold and exemplify independence. Their decisions must not be based on extraneous influences, and they must reject any attempt to influence their decisions.

Integrity – Judges are an integral part of the Cyber OSPAs and therefore must conduct themselves with integrity to ensure they are above reproach in their own business in the view of fair minded, informed people.

Diligence – Judges must commit to providing time to ensure that all entries they receive are judged fairly and are considered equally.

Equality – Judges should carry out their review without discrimination.

Impartiality – Judges should aim to remain impartial in the judging process, and review entries purely based on the quality of the evidence provided to them.

If you have any concerns regarding a Cyber OSPAs judge then please contact us.

Entrants’ code of ethics

The ‘Entrants’ Code of Ethics’ is set out to define the standards required of an Cyber OSPAs participant. This is in order to maintain the values of integrity and impartiality within the awards scheme. Before submitting an entry to the awards the conditions of entry must be read and accepted.